Types of Deictic Expressions Used in Selected Articles of "The Jakarta Post"

Keywords: deixis, deictic expression, newspaper, article


The objectives of this research are to analyze and to describe the types deictic expressions used in selected articles from a newspaper of The Jakarta Post published on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018. This research was conducted by using descriptive qualitative design. The source of data was taken from the selected articles of The Jakarta Post and 8 articles were taken as the samples. Method of data collection that is used is documentation method. The findings showed that the types deictic expressions used are person deixis, spatial deixis, and temporal deixis. The deictic words of the preson deixis found are he and it (the third person singular personal pronoun), I and we (the first person singular personal pronoun), his and their (possesive form of pronoun he and they), and him and them (objective form of personal pronoun he and they). The deictic words of the spatial deixis found are this, here, next to, and there, (demonstrative pronoun). The deictic words of the temporal deixis found are after Monday’s meeting, after, next year, at the same time, today and nowadays.