Students’ Understanding of Articles with Problem Based Learning Model Using Video Media

  • Nurul Hakimah SMPN 48 Surabaya
  • Viriana Viriana SMPN 48 Surabaya
Keywords: students’ understanding, article, problem based learning, video media


This article is written to know how students understanding about definite and indefinite articles using Problem Based Learning (PBL) as a teaching model with video as the media. Articles  is important for students to be learned in order to make them be able to use the articles correctly and distinguish themselves as good English speaker. PBL is chosen because by using PBL students are motivated to deepen their understanding in order to solve a problem that is meaningful to them. The video is chosen as the media for teaching because Video as listening tool that can enhance the listening experience for our students. Students watch and observe. The data was taken when the teaching was conducted on October 2019. PBL was used as a model in teaching with video as the media. At the end of learning process, the students were devided into 19 groups consisted of 2 students for each group. They worked in pairs to answer the exercises given by the teacher to check their understanding about the material. The result shows that 15 groups (30 students) got score above the passing grade, only 4 groups (8 students) get under MLMS. It means that 79% students understand about the material and 21% doesn’t.